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  1. What’s Focus Tabs?
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What’s Focus Tabs?

Focus Tabs is a google chrome extension to help you focus while working on your task. Often times it’s not about having more time, but about having less distraction. Working with more focus allow you to finish your task faster.

Aside from helping you to focus more, Focus Tabs also encourage you to divide your big task into smaller ones. Small task is more easier to start and easier to finish. Imagine you want to write the whole novel in one sit, it’s impossible. You make smaller to make the whole novel.

You will often find term goal and tasks while using Focus Tabs. Goal is to make novel, and tasks is all smaller actions to make it happen.


Goal & Tasks

The big goal you want to achieve, along with tasks you have to do to make it happen.

Detail Goal

List Blocked Websites

Add list of websites you want to block while working. Your list and my list is different, add and remove as you wish.

Blocked Websites


Focus Tabs take a note how long you spend your time on google or stackoverflow or any website you opened while there is a task running. Look back on which one wasted your time the most, you can add them to your list blocked website if needed.

Blocked Websites

Mark Finished

Mark any task as finished when everything is done. Remember not to make a big task. If it’s big, consider making them as a goal then make smaller task.

Blocked Websites


Alpha version is Free. All tasks and goal is saved in your computer. We are working to add database soon.