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  1. What’s Lazy Chatters?
  2. Features
  3. Features & Pricing
  4. How To Subscribe?
  5. To Do After Subscribe
  6. Do You Have Trial?
  7. How To Unsubcribe?
  8. How To Change Subscription?
  9. Privacy Policy

What’s Lazy Chatters?

Lazy Chatters google chrome extension will send you a notification when someone mention you in a Twitch chat. It’s not rare for Twitch chatters (yes you) to multi tasking while watching streamer(s). Watching more than one stream is a norm too. So, watch as many streamers as you can!

Watch out on your top right for our notification.

Another culture is Twitch copy pasta. Be ready for the moment. Add shortcut for your pasta so you don’t miss.


Twitch mention notification

Lazy Chatters will send notification when someone mention you on Twitch chat. As long as you are watching any streams, you will get notifications. If you close the tab, you won't get notification.

Are you watching while working? Don’t worry, you can turn off the notification.

Notification Setting

Twitch copy pasta

Currently, Lazy Chatters can save up to 100 of your copy pasta. You can add shortcut to any of your chats. There are 9 shortcuts available for you.

Shortcuts only work when you are in{your_streamer}.

Shortcut Setting

Shortcut Setting

Features & Pricing

Feature Subscribe Non Sub
Twitch mention notification Yes No
Copy pasta chats limit 100 3

Lazy Chatters is as low as $0.99 a month for yearly subscription, and $1.99 a month for monthly subscription.

How To Subscribe?

  • Choose one of the pricing above
  • Payment handled by Paypal, we don’t save your card info
  • Paypal will notify our system after the successful payment
  • Then, we create your Lazy Chatters account with your Paypal email
  • You should receive a randomly generated password in your Paypal email
  • Download Lazy Chatters
  • After login, we strongly recommend you to change your password with stronger one immediately

To Do After Subscribe

Turn on google chrome notification setting


  • Hold Command + space
  • Type Notifications
  • Choose Notifications & Focus
  • Scroll to Google Chrome
  • Click Allow Notifications

Windows 11

  • Right click start icon
  • Choose Settings
  • Search Notifications
  • Scroll to Google Chrome
  • Turn on

Windows 10

  • Click start icon
  • Choose Settings
  • Search Notifications & actions
  • Scroll to Google Chrome
  • Turn on

Do You Have Trial?

You can try limited features for FREE. Here’s the limitation :

Feature Subscribe Non Sub
Twitch mention notification Yes No
Copy pasta chats limit 100 3

How To Unsubscribe?

  • Login to your Paypall account
  • Click Gear Icon top right
  • Click menu Payments
  • Click button Manage automatic payments
  • Scroll to Lazy Chatters
  • Click Cancel

How To Change Subscription?

If you want to change from monthly to yearly, here’s what to do:

Do be careful, Paypal allow double subscribe. Don’t subscribe to Lazy Chatters yearly subscription twice.

Actually, I don’t mind if you want to support us more. pepeJAM